My history, passion and ambition

Amy Tamulonis

Amy Tamulonis

I’ve always been arty, it’s my thing.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been busy ‘creating’. I don’t know why or for what purpose, it just makes me happy. The sheer potential of making something out of thin air always fascinated me and came easily. As a child, no industrialized fabricated toys would do. The shiny packaging was alluring and even persuaded me to employ my puppy eyes to Mom on occasion… but  after ripping it apart, I got almost instantly bored. I was impatient. Why wait, and beg my parents for a game or toy? I figured, I could just make it.

Puppets, play houses, baby cradles… the sky was the limit, and oh how I loved it.


So that’s my history…my passion? Oh that’s baking. Cakes, breads and pastries, oh my!

Where to begin? The fantastic smell,  seasonal variation and sheer delight when you present a simple, beautifully made bundt cake makes baking the most wonderfully satisfying hobby. So when I got into baking (…when I was 6 and made my first apple pie in a plastic play pie dish, with unappetizing results)

I had to learn about every cookie, frosting and pastry. I eventually learned about cake decorating on my own. I figured it would be challenging and creative. I was motivated, studied and developed my own particular style.

I was  hooked! I could use my craft and arty talents and simultaneously make something beatiful and delicious.

My ambition is to grow, as a person and in my craft. I want to learn, develop and persue this path while discovering new directions.





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