Jakers! Cake

I was asked to make two similar cakes for a birthday boy who loves to watch the cartoon Jakers!. Since he was only turning two, I wanted to keep the design simple and focus on molding the characters to resemble the cartoons as much as possible.

I really wanted him to recognize the figures, and, well… basically go bonkers when he saw the cake. When the cake was presented to him I’m happy to say that he got very excited, started pointing and immediately proceeded to yank Piggley Winks from his comfortable and delicious seat.

Finished cakes:

Jakers! Cake

Jakers! Cake nº1


Jakers! Cake nº2












For cake nº1, I created and apple tree motif  and for cake nº2 I added wood plank detail, grass and daisies.

Jakers! Cartoon

Jakers! Cartoon

Jakers! Sugar paste figures

Jakers! Sugar paste figures








For the cake itself, I made a light sponge cake with strawberry jam filling. Kids seem to prefer sponge cake; I’ts sweet and airy and not as heavy as a butter or chocolate cake.

Jakers! Sponge Cake

Jakers! Sponge cake with jam filling


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