Tea time cupcakes

I love having afternoon tea in the garden… The tiny cakes, perfect sandwiches, dainty cups and saucers create a magical world that seems pulled out of early 20th century England. After going through 3 seasons of Downton Abbey I was inspired, nay… compelled to make afternoon tea themed cupcakes.

the result….

afternoon tea cupcakes

Afternoon tea cupcakes

I wanted to make something ditsy and classic but amp it up with bright colours.

flower tea cup cupcaketea pot cupcake

tea time cupcakes

To make the cakes, I used the basic vanilla cupcake recipe from the Hummingbird bakery cookbook. This is one of my go-to cupcake recipes.

For the frosting, I made vanilla battercream to make the “domey” cupcakes (top left) and used just a little bit of it to adhere the fondant decorations to the flat tea pot and red rose cupcake s (right).

The sponge is light but has a rich buttery taste. You can add any flavouring to this batter but vanilla and lemon work best

To simplify:

Make the flat cupcakes. You don’t have to make frosting at all. With a small spoon or pastry brush, put a little bit of jam directly on the cupcake and place the decorations on top. The cake is delicious on it’s own and holds up well without frosting.


….is the kettle on?!



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